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Our Products

Plastic parts

  • Plastic interior and exterior parts for vehicle Silant.
  • Plastic parts of HDPE and PS for snowmobile Voyager.
  • Fiberglass tents for pickup 2329 Superavto.
  • Fiberglass bumper for MAZ truck.
  • Fiberglass roof for medical vehicle 2131.
  • Portable transforming tub.
  • Items of small architecture made of fiberglass and ABS (dome, counter-barrel).
  • Translucent composite products: pillars for petrol station networks Rosneft, VIS; FIA-BANK plate.

Moulds and die sets for interior parts

  • Mould for styrofoam for goaltender ice hockey stick.
  • Roof liner mould.

Control tooling

  • Tools to check fuel tank.
  • Tools to check carpets, trimming, sound insulation.
  • Tools to check body brackets.
  • Tools to check spare wheel crate.

Models and forms

  • Master molds for helicopter panels.
  • Master models for vehicle side panels.
  • Car scaled model.
  • Full-size model of a sports car.
  • Full-size model of a dashboard.
  • Vacuum forming tooling for snowmobile sledge.
  • RTM tooling for tent panels.
  • Models for sculptures.

Examples of work