Intelligence. Technology. Experience

Before we do something, we think how to do it even better. And we do always achieve the desired result

- Yury Luzin, Managing Director

Our possibilities

  • Design and manufacture of control and measuring tooling;
  • Production of pattern tooling: master molds, working models, master forms;
  • Design and production of tooling for casting: core boxes, consumable styrofoam patterns, etc.;
  • Production of tooling for vacuum forming;
  • Production of moulds for making styrofoam parts (moulds);
  • Production of tooling for fast prototyping;
  • Production of graphite, copper electrodes for EDM processing;
  • Production of tooling from a ready part (reverse engineering);
  • Design and production of assembly jigs and special containers;
  • Design and production of conveyor lines and special tools;
  • Installation of industrial equipment and conveyor lines;
  • CNC machining of small and large lots of parts;
  • Large items from metal and plastic for outdoor advertising;
  • Repair and maintenance of metal tooling (dies and moulds).

We are the Leader!

We are the leading manufacturer in Samara region in:
  • production of unique items;
  • making conveyor lines;
  • serial production of tooling;
  • production of vacuum formed parts;
  • development of projects and design of tooling and equipment for vehicles;
  • manufacture of full scale structures.

About Company

Our Company successfully works in the market of complex engineering products for modern production systems starting from August 2005.

Our Company production facilities allow to solve issues arising in the economic life of Russia in the period of global recession with supreme speed and success.

We highly appreciate all our customers, from large foreign companies to Russian entrepreneurs from all fields of small business

A distinguishing and outstanding feature of our Company is high efficiency of production preparation and production development of goods from any field and in any quantity.

We dare to solve the most complicated tasks, because exclusively top professionals work in our staff – experienced engineers able to work in CAD/CAM project system, and highly skilled workers who perform CNC machining of very complicated parts.