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Metal structures production

Specialists of our Company manufactured 5 kilometers of conveyor lines for Automobile Company Derways.

Our products work on the general assembly line, in paint shop, welding production, logistics units.

We developed and produced skid construction for vehicle Lifan Solano, which is currently manufactured at the plant in Cherkessk.

In 2009

Our specialists designed and developed all welded metal structures and manufactured a complicated heavy-duty metal structure for FIA-BANK plate, which has length 14 m and was installed at the height of 72 m.

In 2011

We designed and produced a large number of metal structures for administrative and office buildings in Togliatti and also for agricultural facilities.

In 2012

According to order of Russian Railways we made special trucks to check railroad bridges, which are being made at the construction work place of Olympics 2014 in Sochi.

Examples of work