Intelligence. Technology. Experience

Manufacture of plastic products

Workers of plastic parts production are experienced in working with modern composite materials and understand nuances of implementation of high technologies and innovative developments.

Our production facilities correspond to the most up-to-date requirements as for temperature ranges, equipment with efficient ventilation and dust removal, satisfy the requirements of work and fire safety.

This division can perform orders both for tooling, and develop to production large batches of commercial parts.

The main technological processes are contact moulding, vacuum forming, rotational moulding of big-size items, transfer molding to open forms.

Vehicle parts

We developed several projects for design and production of vehicle equipment.

Our Customers: OOO Avtospetsoborudovaniye makes a unique vehicle – off-roader SILANT, Marussia Motors, and OOO Voyager with their transforming snowmobile.

Our products for advertising

Our specialists perfectly know working practices on composite materials of different purpose.

Large full-scale structures, which are used in severe conditions and face tough weather impact, demonstrate a great effect of using items made of composite materials.

We produced plates for petrol stations’ networks Rosneft and VIS-servis. We installed two 14-meters plates FIA-BANK at the height of 72 meters, on the top of retail entertainment center Vega.

Examples of work